About OSOU


An Act to establish and incorporate an Open University in Odisha for introduction and promotion of Open University and Distance Education Systems in the educational pattern of the State and for Coordination and Determination of Standards in such systems.


To provide an innovative system of university level education, flexible and open, in regard to methods and pace of learning, combination of courses, eligibility for enrolment, age of entry, conduct of examination and operation of the programmes with a view to promote learning and encourage excellence in new fields of knowledge.

To establish, maintain or recognize institutes, schools, regional centres and study centres and such other institute at such places in the State as it may deem feet;

To play a positive role in the development of the State and promote status of employment of people of Odisha through education, research and training;

To introduce add-on courses related to the need of employment;

To use communication technology for advancement and dissemination of learning and knowledge; To ensure access, equity, excellence and inclusive education

University Profile

The Odisha State Open University shall have jurisdiction over the whole of the State of Odisha. The University shall focus on education, research and training by diversity on means of distance and continuing education including the use of new educational technology available to common man at affordable cost. Degrees, Diplomas and Certificates issued by the University shall be treated at par with Degrees/Diplomas issued by other Universities established by centre/states and recognized by UGC. Emphasis will be placed on Skill Based Education to enhance employ ability of the students. Besides Skill Based and vocational courses, focus will be on Teacher Education, Business & Management Studies, Computer Science courses, Engineering Science (short-term), paramedical courses, agriculture and foreign language courses. Add-on courses will be offered targeting students already admitted in Undergraduate and postgraduate courses in the State .The fee to be charged from the students shall be made reasonable and affordable by disadvantaged groups. All Norms and Regulations prescribed by statutory bodies like UGC, AICTE, NCTE, NCI, BCI, DEB, and MCI etc. shall be strictly followed in offering academic programmes by the Odisha State Open University.

The Governor of Odisha is the Chancellor of the University. By virtue of his office, Chancellor is the head of the State Open University.

The headquarters of the University shall be located at Sambalpur. To fulfill its mandate the Open University shall establish Regional Centres and Study Centres in different parts of the State using the existing infrastructure of Government/Govt. Aided Colleges and other institution.

Vision & Mission


  • To strive for excellence in the field of Higher Education by using latest methods & technologies;
  • To provide best quality materials supplemented by training, workshop, hands-on practices, contact programmes, using audio-video resourses available through OER & MOOCS;
  • To give emphasis on Skill based vocational courses for promoting the employment opportunities
  • To collaborate with the best Universities/Institutes/Centres of Excellence for advancement of knowledge and skills;
  • To make full use of educational technologies
  • To adopt the best practices available in the field;
  • To promote innovation in teaching, learning, training and research;
  • To establish centres of excellence in different fields following Open & Distance Learning.


  • To provide quality education at affordable costs;
  • To reach out to people leaving in rural/remote locations in the State;
  • To create awareness among the people of the State about their rights & duties and to adopt scientific methods for socio-economic growth;
  • To collaborate with all Government Departments/ State Resource Centres/NGOs in all our endeavours to reach the unreached.